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Gine Coaching®. More than just a method, it’s a project!

Why do I call my coaching method Gine Coaching®? That’s because my offer to female coachees integrates the action-oriented coaching approach to the awareness of the feminine and moon cyclicality.

This is attuned to my personal growth project as a “cyclical woman who loves action”. Therefore Gine Coaching® is a project, further than a coaching method, and every woman who does #ginecoaching with me automatically becomes an active member of a larger project of change, one woman at a time.

This project welcomes women feeling a strong drive to transform their lives. In the individual coaching process they will take their dreams out of the drawer, make them evolve into a vision, and turn them into reality. Those can be on both professional or personal goals.

It is based on the fact that we women are cyclical, and are governed at least by the phases of the moon, in spite of having a womb and menstrual cycles or not. As such, we live in continuous transition between four phases. And within one month we are moved by such different energies that we often feel as being four different women:

– In the crescent moon phase (as in pre-ovulation) we flourish like sprouts: youthful, dynamic and inspired (“action”);

– When the full moon shines bright in the sky (as in ovulation), we fully blossom, keen to stay with others, to care for, support and enrich (“relationship”);

– In the waning moon phase (as in pre-menstruation) while decreasing energies that make us withdraw from the world, we are more creative and self-aware, (“revision”);

– When the black moon is there (as in menstruation), it’s the time of the “wise woman”, when our physical energies are directed to our inner world and our introspective capacity prevails (“planning”).

Knowing that, Gine Coaching® makes you approach your goals in sink with in each moon or feminine phase. So you you can make the best use of your energies, during the session and in planning your homework. Because, if action, relationship, revision, and planning are attuned to the cyclical energies, you can reach your goals with minimum effort, and maximum satisfaction.

Feel like joining the clan of women keen on getting the most of their cyclical essence, to the benefit of their personal and professional projects?

Good! I would welcome your message asking for an one-on-one online exploratory session, that would give you access to a free-of-charge opportunity to gain a new perspective on your cyclicality.

Good waves,